Saturday, December 13, 2014

If I liked veggies, I'd be a vegetarian.

I'm only half joking.  My taste for veggies is severely limited.  I'd be hard pressed to create a lifestyle out of it.

But the more I read up on how we treat our livestock, the more horrified I am. 

The precipitating event in Tuskers is a super-intelligent pig escaping from a gestation cage.  She and her brood want revenge...and I'm on HER side.

Meanwhile, I had a customer into the store who said she was a little upset that I was making wolves the bad guys in Led to the Slaughter.

"Oh, no.  They're werewolves.  Completely different.  The evil comes from the human side."

"Yeah, but the poor wolves are so misunderstood!"

(I started telling Linda about this, and she said, "It's true. Wolves are misaligned."

"You mean maligned?"

This part of the story has nothing to do with my point but it was such a great Malaprop that I had to tell it.)

Anyway, it's terrible what we do in these factory farms, but it's somehow even more terrible that it's done to intelligent creatures like pigs. 

I'm thinking I need to buy Free Range meat, if I can trust that label.  I'll pay the extra.

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