Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Refused adsense.

Well, that was interesting.

I was refused adsense for the blog.  I have no idea why.

I've gone 6 years without it, so I suppose I'll just keep going.  But not knowing the reason why, that is pretty frustrating, and apparently not having any real recourse.

Here I am, creating nothing but original content.  Not even trying to get more clicks, and they refuse me.  Weird.

It reminds me of when I applied for an Upper Deck account 20 years ago, when I was the biggest card retailer east of the Cascades in Oregon, maybe the third or fourth card dealer in all of Oregon, and was selling tons of cards.

Never could get an answer why.

Meanwhile, three of my customers had accounts.

I worked around it.  I'm still thriving, Upper Deck is anything but thriving.

Shakes my confidence in Google.  If they are that hidebound, they've got problem already.  I think when you create a system that won't give answers, that has no appeal, you are going to piss off a whole lot of people with that kind of arrogance.

People like the idea of fairness and justice, and this isn't that. 

It may take awhile, but any big company can turn into AT & T if they aren't responsive.


Duncan McGeary said...

I guess that's it.

Wow. That seems unfair. Not even bothering to answer, not even having a way to contact them.

That can't be good policy.

Oh, well.

Duncan McGeary said...

So I called them, and the automated answering machine said, I'm not kidding, these words.

"Google does not offer customer support."


Trying to imagine treating my customers that way....wow, just wow.