Friday, March 22, 2013

Bing myself.

O.K.  I admit it.  Sometimes I Google myself.

So I had the thought this morning to Bing myself instead.  And up popped a site in England of a guy listing his 5 Star  books, and all three of mine were on the front page.  And his comment on Icetowers was:  "I bought this when I was seven years old and didn't read it until I was thirty and I loved it."

It made my morning.  I was needing something like that.

Every once in a while this happens.  A good review, someone getting slightly excited to meet me because they had read my book.  (The opposite happens too -- bad reviews, people who read books and shrug.)

I've come full circle on my books.  At first I was sky high, then reality kicked in, then I felt like nobody had read the damn things, then I slowly came to realize that what I'd accomplished was luckier and harder than I thought, then to slowly watch as they filtered into the internet world, and finally -- having seen how other have done and are doing -- realizing my books did pretty well, considering.

It's harder today, probably.  But I'm encouraged enough to keep trying.

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