Monday, March 18, 2013

Sometimes I just want some readable text.

Not to be holier than thou, for I am certain that I have lost many of you for not doing exactly the thing I'm about the bemoan here.

Putting some flash in my blog.  Some zip.  Some visuals.  Some links.  Some...

Well, there's the problem. There are no end of little additions that could be made.

One of my favorite sites, Big Picture, has just gotten all modern.  Lots of new look, lots of movement, lots of zip.


I try to go along with this.  I used to visit two comic news and review sites -- The Comics Reporter and The Beat.

The Beat fluffed up its page and basically I quit going there.  It wasn't conscious, I just didn't go there.

If I have to spend the first 30 seconds every time I visit a site just to orient myself, then that's too much.  Because that 30 seconds keeps getting repeated anywhere I navigate.

The push is from the tech guys -- the promotions guys.  No doubt, it's to get younger, get hip.

But for me, it's get so busy you push yourself right off the page.

The number of sites I can go to that have both up to date information and interesting content -- but don't gussy it all up with video and streaming and links and no end of clutter, are getting fewer and fewer.

I was advised to have a "professional" writers website set up.  So I visited some professional writers websites -- or at least, I tried to.  They were so utterly busy, I didn't know where to start.  Instead of simple list of books, for instance, one of them had this sort of spinning screen.  Catch the titles as they go by!

Again, yuck. 

The noise to signal ratio just keeps going up and up and up.

Hey, quick cutting is and shaky cameras are cool at first.  Once in a while.  As an accent.

But all the time gets old.

Sometimes I just want to see some nice readable text.

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