Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LIfe is interrupting my routines.

I've been bragging about how easy it is for me to lose weight when I want, to write a blog everyday. Well, the last three weeks have made it clear to me that the reason it's so easy for me is that I live a life of routine, with few disruptions.

Traveling and family. Another name for disruptions. eh?

Well, so be it.

Tonight is Dad's memorial. My family talked about it being a informal gathering, but being all the high-powered people they are, it has turned into a bit of production. I've made it clear I don't intend to get up to speak, so I'm off that hook.

Still, this is the very thing that makes me very, very nervous. People I know, people I don't know, and worst of all, people I probably SHOULD know and will be EXPECTED to know.


Had lots of ostracism dreams last night.

The formal part is only going to be an hour, so I can escape then if need be. Take one or maybe even two of my pills, since I'm not going to resort to my old solution -- gulp down a couple of drinks...

Last night I dug the box of bolo ties out of our storage unit -- Dad was know for wearing a bolo tie everyday. It's a pretty impressive collection -- I didn't know. Each of us picked out one for remembrance, and my sister Betsy is probably going auction off the rest.

Mike is going to spend the day going through the huge box of papers I gleaned from his small assisted living quarters. Dad was a hoarder, but at the end all he could hoard was paper, so there is a ton. Laid flat in a very large and heavy cardboard box.

Did some reminiscing about Dad at last night's family dinner -- it's like a jigsaw puzzle, with each of us have different active memories of different significant parts of Dad's life.

Linda is working today, and even though I'm home I'll be working all day on orders. Tomorrow it's back to work for me.

I'm figuring, I'll get back in my routine around Labor Day.

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H. Bruce Miller said...

"Take one or maybe even two of my pills, since I'm not going to resort to my old solution -- gulp down a couple of drinks..."

Pop a couple of Xanax AND gulp down three or four drinks and you'll be able to handle any situation. Or you won't give a shit if you handle it or not.