Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday tings.

"Cellphones carry potential cancer risk," Bulletin. 6/1/11.

Ah, ha! I knew it! Stephen King had it right, only this will be in slow motion. Someday I'll be walking around the streets and be the only guy without a big bulge in his head. I'll be dodging zombies, man.

I've also heard that Kindles cause blindness....


"Still-falling housing prices may be near the bottom."

I wish I had kept track of the number of times I've seen the words "near the bottom" for housing in the last four years...

I remember telling people to wait, 4 years ago. 3 years ago. 2 years ago.

People went ahead and bought.


DC Comics is starting their entire line over at #1. 52 NEW titles. Also same day release digitally.

There are so many ramifications to this, that I'm going to reserve judgement.

Other than going to the store today to order more games, cards and novels....


"More Americans buying pricier wines..."

Had a wine merchant in not long ago, and he said most people who are buying pricier wines don't know what they're buying. That many cheaper wines are just as good or better. He mentioned Spanish wines, I believe.

I'll always remember the comment -- after the first drink or two, no one can tell the difference anymore...


My store showed up in the On the Road feature on my wholesalers website. I don't think the pictures look very good, frankly. I'm just going to let them go without comment, otherwise.


I've been stalled trying to work on my garden all day yesterday. I'm hoping this afternoon will clear up. The dirtload is wet, though. Thus twice as heavy....


Anonymous said...

I saw in The Bulletin Grayce Goodrich is turning 100. She still lives in the old place on 8th St. Remember what a big deal it was when Alva was murdered back in the early 70's? Bend was sooo much sleepier back then.

Leitmotiv said...

yep! A decent cheap wine can be just as good as a pricey wine. All you're buying is image.

yokem55 said...

We just finishing buying and we went into it fully knowing that we would probably be under water 5-10% within the next couple of years. The problem we were facing though is that on a strictly cash flow basis, our PITI+ maintenance is cheaper then renting. Now that won't stay the same because interest rates will be going up (and if the government defaults they will go up substantially). Factor in the instability of renting (we moved from our previous 2 rentals because the owners sold or were foreclosed on) and how hard it is getting to rent directly from a landlord as opposed to a leach... I mean a property management company. Buying for us was a no brainer even with the prospect of not having any equity for a long time...

H. Bruce Miller said...

"many cheaper wines are just as good or better. He mentioned Spanish wines, I believe."

There are also good buys from Australia and Argentina.

"All you're buying is image."

Not always. Some pricey wines are indeed superior. And some cheap wines are vile.

I've noticed, though, that in champagne the quality is almost directly proportional to the price.