Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keep it simple.

This is a response to a post on another blog of a store owner who is feeling burnt out.

Keep it simple. Drop everything but the main stuff. Let it go. Don't worry about advertising and promotions; let word of mouth and location do the work for you. Say no to everything except the basics of your business.

It can be hard to say no.

It can be hard not to pursue every opportunity. It can be hard letting go of trying to be perfect.

Just say no.

Keep it simple. Every decision should include a cost/effectiveness measure -- and time, labor and space needs to be included in the cost.

Accept less money, if that is what it takes. Selling a little less, but saving your sanity is a fair trade.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: in my opinion just about as many businesses quit because of burn out than because of money.

Turn down the constant temptation of trying new things, changing old things, adding, adding, adding. Drop something if it isn't working.

In every case -- measure the FUTURE work load involved in every decision and realize you are ADDING to your future work load.

Do more of the stuff you like, but less of the stuff you don't like.

Just say no.

Let the product and service speak for itself. Concentrate on the important stuff -- like the quality of presentation, and the quality of the product and service. Let everything else go. Every contest, every promotion, every event, every meeting, every trip, every organization you join, that pulls you away is extra work.

Just say no.

If your product is good, you'll still be O.K.

Did I mention, keep it simple?


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