Sunday, June 5, 2011

Out training the lawn.

Hope you all had an exciting weekend. Movies, Music, running in a race, climbing cliffs? Stuff like that?

Hah. I was out training my lawn. (Otherwise known as mowing the lawn.) I had new lawns put in last year, and I let them get pretty lush before I mowed them the first time. The grass sort of just laid down.

I was forced to mow at a higher height, which seemed to get the lawn even floppier.

But I wanted strong roots, so I put up with the little rows of half cut grass.

This year I was determined to get the lawn tamed. I've been mowing at the next lowest height, and after the first couple of times, it's gotten easier.

So the lawn is being trained.

Exciting, no?

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H. Bruce Miller said...

Life in Bend is a thrill a minute.