Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday tingers.

I watched the last half of the Mavs/Heat game, pretty much the only basketball I've watched all year.

I was rooting for the Mavs, all the way. Turns out, I'm not the only LeBron/Heat hater.

It used to be that teams would try to buy their way to championships.

Now the players do.


It is still taking me all week to read the New York Times, sometimes even longer if you include the magazine.

I have no idea why I read some articles -- they have no utility to my life whatsoever.

I guess I just like knowing random things.


When my Barnes and Noble stock went up 15% right after buying it, I had a momentary urge to sell.

It then dropped 65% and I said, it can't get worse. But if it EVER gets up to the price I paid, I'll sell.

Now it's again 15% higher than I paid, and I still can't pull the trigger.

I should have known -- it's the way I do things. I don't let go; I don't give up.

Even when I know I should.


Some vandals spray-painted the Westside Church, and this was the comment of the "director of facilities:'

"But the bottom line is that God is the one that's going to get revenge -- we aren't."

Heh. I was expecting something more along the lines of, "May God forgive them."


RDC said...

you have a profit sell it and consider yourself to be lucky. What is going to drive it higher? Not a thing I can see. It went up because of a proposed buy out. If that buy out fails it will drop like a rock. The odds of the offer getting raised (while possible) is not likely.

H. Bruce Miller said...

RDC is right.

Anonymous said...

May Allah bless the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster but may the Monster curse the ignorant graffiti sprayers with overcooked pasta for the rest of the year or longer. This, of course, predisposes a willing god.

P.S. Sell the damn stock!! :-)

Leitmotiv said...

God's getting Old Testament on yo' ass!