Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just one more thing.

So DC has announced that they are starting all their titles over at #1's in September; and releasing the same titles online on the same day.

This probably doesn't mean much to most of you, but it's a huge deal for the comic industry.

My inclination, however, is to downplay it's significance. It's a huge promotional thing, but I'm going to shrug, instead.

I'll transfer my current comic subscribers to whatever titles are analogous; Flash for Flash, Wonder Woman for Wonder Woman. Simple enough. If the writers/artists impress me -- I'll order some extra copies.

A few titles I may try to spread out --optional buys, I call them -- on shelves who aren't signed up. Such as Jim Lee's (major artist) Justice League of America.

New titles, like the announced Mr. Terrific, I'll treat like I would any new DC titles -- a few shelf titles. Older, but defunct titles, like Captain Atom, Firestorm, Hawkman and Aquaman, I'll order based on their past histories -- which ain't good, because they are defunct afterall.

Still -- almost inevitably, I will have to risk a fair amount on extra orders. For one thing, there are only 30 current superhero titles coming out of DC, and they have announced 52 new ones.

Secondly, I almost always order extra #1's and 2's.

So it is going to be gamble for me and every other retailer out there.

DC is going to see a pretty big boost for a few months ---which is probably what they want. After that, it will depend on execution. I'm trying to imagine how they are going to come up with enough talent to do that many new series.

The same day digital release? I can't do anything about that. a way, it's just business as usual.

My comment to my employees was -- hey, the comic market has never been stable. It's always like this.

This is just one more thing.


Anonymous said...

Um. pretty much my opinion as well. New books will be on sale on Wednesday, and as long as that consistent approach goes, things will be okay. I'm not having much drama in mind on it all.

Heroes Haven.

RDC said...

How does the online pricing compare to the physical pricing?

Sounds like they are going online for readers, physical primarily for collector type business model.

Duncan McGeary said...

They haven't said yet.

Matthew Funk said...

They just announced pricing and retailer incentives.

Anonymous said...

Duncan, the DC Direct Channel that was sent out today gives the details.

The bleeding cool website is mostly a duplicate of that email.