Friday, January 14, 2011

Universal rules....

I was running late for work today, so of course I hit the beginnings of every red light, and found a totally packed parking garage and had to park on the upper floors.

Is there some universal rule here? The more you're in a hurry, the more roadblocks you'll run into?


I always take a break from ordering in the two weeks after the first of the year. This year, I got winnowed down on the boardgames to an uncomfortable degree. Sold out of: Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dominion (Base), Settler of America, Small World.

Next week I'm going to make a massive order --- and try not to run out again for the rest of the year.


How many of you would be offended if I monetized this stupid blog? I'm torn. I mean, if it actually amounts to money, I'd be even stupider not to do it, but I hate to clutter up the blog for a few bucks.

Anyone know what kind of numbers you have to do? Say, per hundred of visits? Anyone?


I mean, this blog has gotten more important to me over the last four years, instead of less...

I'm starting to dream blog entries -- and everything, every little thing, is starting to turn into blog fodder, which worries me because how much is grist and how much is meat? Or does it matter? Cyberspace is free.

And even if I did monetize this thing, I'd probably still not do any promoting of it. That's where the danger lies, I believe.


A guy in the store, who was waiting at the IRS office for a ride. "IRS office? We have one of those downtown?"

"Yeah, on the third floor of the building down from the Phoenix Inn, with a guard and everything."

"A guard? Really?"

"Yeah, a glass enclosure -- and there isn't a sign on the building...."

"Go figure...."


Even watching clips of The Big Leibowski on "The Dude Abides" American Masters -- had me rolling on the floor. I've GOT to rent that movie again.



dkgoodman said...

Why, it's Murphy's Law, of course.

Anything that possibly can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME. :)

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, but that covers everything!

Anonymous said...

Secret IRS offices in BendOver(tm), now you got me rolling in my SE asian grave.

Ed Keith said...

Have no idea about monetizing but if it means shortening the rss feed to lead to more clicks through to the actual site that's it for me. Deliver the ads through google reader please, elsewise I'll have to say see you later. Love reading the blog, but it has to work with the other 15-20 feeds I subscribe to.