Monday, January 31, 2011

Bend in top 6% for Indie Bookstores.

Civic Economics Website has released The Indie City Index, which lists the relative strengths of the independent bookstores in all the 365 Metro Areas of the U.S.A.

Bend comes in at #21.

Oregon is really strong here: Medford is #3; Eugene is #16; Corvallis is #20; Salem #69; Portland is #78.

What's interesting, is that if you went back about 5 years, we had only one store in the Metro area, but now we have at least two, and maybe more depending on what they include.

New York is #12; Los Angeles is #36; Seattle is #90; San Francisco is #96.

We're among the best independent bookstore areas in the country, folks.

Let's keep it that way! Shop local!

(Dammit. I tried to hyperlink and jumped through all the hoops and it didn't happen. Someone do that, O.K? I need to have someone show me in person, apparently...)


Anonymous said...

Indie Book stores ranking

Duncan McGeary said...

Thank you. (for not mocking me...)

Anonymous said...

The Bend MSA includes all of Deschutes county. So all bookstores in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver. etc would be included.

Duncan McGeary said...

There you go, then. A much bigger number; I think 5.