Thursday, January 6, 2011

The sounds of modern life.

It was funny how much whizzing and whirling and beeping and clicks and sampling and other assorted electronic noises filled the living room while Todd and Toby were here. 3 androids, two laptops, big screen T.V., DVD, other phones, microwaves, etc. etc.

And these guys are near 40 years old! I wonder what it must sound like in younger homes -- unless all the noise is segregated to separate rooms, I guess.

I just stuff my head in the first page of a book and transport myself out of there.

We started talking Kindle and I-pad, and Toby made the case that most people simply can't afford them, yet. "I can still buy a used book for a few bucks," he said.

I'm definitely more wary than either of them are.

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H. Bruce Miller said...

I continue to be very pleased with my Nook, now that I've figured out why I wasn't able to download books. (The problem wasn't the Nook, it was my wireless router.) Am reading "Cleopatra," have three others loaded and in reserve. The sensory experience is not as pleasant as reading a paper book, IMO, but the convenience and price savings make up for it.