Saturday, January 8, 2011

Don't hold your breath.

CNNMoney has an article on Moody's Analytic's saying that home prices in the boom towns won't "recover" until "at least" the 2030's and beyond.

Some familiar names in the top ten.

Naples, Fl is #1.; 2038.

Bend was linked with Naples more than once over the last decade. We were duking it out for the biggest price increases -- and then, the biggest declines.

So I was surprised Bend wasn't on the list of the top ten. I tried to find a list beyond the top ten, but couldn't. I know it must exist, because they mention Las Vegas not recovering until 2032, and it wasn't on the list (which #10, Modesto, Ca., came in at 2034.)

Maybe someone with better webfu than I could find the full list, and see where Bend stands?

Maybe it doesn't matter -- as the article says:

"Nationally, we expect U.S. [home prices] to recover by 2021," said Chen.

That only sounds like a long way off because it is."

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you have to have one of the young whippersnappers teach you how to link to things.