Monday, November 30, 2009


"Combat Shopping." Term I heard for Black Friday. I like it.

I've posted my doubts about Black Friday every year on this blog. I simply don't believe you can't get similar deals later.


Why am I not surprised to find Upper Deck advertising on an online card dumping site?

Major League Baseball and the NBA have both dropped Upper Deck.

It couldn't happen to a nicer group of guys. Heh.

Upper Deck has always been dodgy. It's nice to know that karma has finally caught up to them.

It only took 20 years.


In the same vein, Image comics recently released a title called 'Image United' which brings back the original 6 founders of Image comics. It's supposed to be a celebration of the founding of Image.


I'd like to forget it ever happened.

These guys were arrogant and irresponsible. But what was worse, they were completely inept.

Most of their comics stunk, frankly. They were designed for the 'investor' crowd. (Where have you gone, Investor Crowd. Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.)

They completely bungled their scheduling, causing me huge problems with my cash-flow that I almost didn't survive.

So..for this 'Celebration' .I ordered just one copy of each creator's cover, the lowest amount I could get away with. guessed it....they screwed it up. I got five covers, two of a cover I'm unlikely to sell, and none of the cover I was most likely to sell.

They haven't changed much.

(O.K. O.K. maybe I'm a little hard on them. They created some good comics, too. They created some memorable characters, which later (more talented) creators fleshed out. And they have a nice little niche today, of good comics. So they have changed. But I still don't have fond memories of the original bunch.)


Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. The media is not a golf course...

Marriage is a hole in one, Tiger. A hole in ONE!



One in eight Americans on food stamps? It's looking more like Bread and Circus's Rome all the time, isn't it?


See, here's the thing. If you are going to try to sell condo's, don't build them over apartments for low income housing...


Really, now. Was there any point in the planning for Juniper Ridge where anyone thought a four year college situated there was likely?



Jeff said...

"I've posted my doubts about Black Friday... I simply don't believe you can't get similar deals later."

?? Are you saying that deals on Black Friday aren't available later? That I should have bought that super-cheap 50" TV on Black Friday after all (instead of waiting till Jan 5)?

Duncan McGeary said...


Cancel out the double negative.

I believe you can get similar deals later.

Nice meeting you, Jeff.

Jeff said...

Good to meet you too, Duncan. My 5 year old already loves the Clone Wars graphic novels we got at your store. Unlike his other books, these aren't readable in one sitting. I had to introduce him to the concept of a bookmark. Now if I can just teach him how to read it by himself...

blackdog said...

"It's looking more like Bread and Circus's Rome all the time, isn't it?"

No end of circuses, less and less bread.