Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October results.

Sales were down exactly 1% from last October, and since the store did that number in four less days of the month, and because last October was a real outlier -- less than half the declines of the surrounding four months -- I have to consider this October a real success.

The real measure of progress is the per day average, and we were 12% over last year.

We had quite a dropoff in the second half of the month, which ordinarily might worry me, but I've already cut spending for November, so it shouldn't hurt us too much.

This is the first two month consecutive increase since August of 2007. I've mentioned before, I think the whole "Great Recession" started in September 2007, no matter that most experts don't officially count the beginning until a few months later.

Last November was pretty poor; a full 22% of what our current average is, so we should be able to exceed that, which would make a full three months increases in a row. Which is how I base my planning; a ongoing three month average.

I know this phrase is getting kind of old, but it's still true. This three month average is basically beating up the 90 pound weakling that was last fall.

Individual categories.

1.) Comics. Roughly equal to last year, which I think is a pretty good result. Down 4%.

2.) DVD's. 3x last year, which actually wasn't hard to do when we're selling anime for basically half off...

3.) Sports Cards. Down about a third, but with the industry the way it is, I'll take it.

4.) Card Games. Almost double. I've been talking about how the new wave of Magic was hotter than usual, and this total is a reflection of that. I probably overordered a bit, but those profits should show up over the next few months.

5.) Games. Not a big total, but bigger than last year. Still seeing improvements.

6.) Books. Down about 25%, which is disappointing since I've gotten used to ever increasing sales. But still far above anything I expected.

7.) Toys. These seem to be the real problem child for the Great Recession. It hurts that McFarlane toys hasn't produced anything anyone wants, except Halo toys, which I can't seem to get my hands on.

8.) Graphic Novels. About equal to last year, maybe a bit more. Which is great, considering.

So overall, an improvement over last October, though not as spectacular improvement as September was. However, Sept. was beating up one of the worst months ever, and October was actually competing with an 'outlier' good month.

Did we hit bottom in August?

I'd still like to see what the 'off' season of January and February do, before I decide that.

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