Friday, November 6, 2009

Random fodder.

It's nice that R.Crumb's Book of Genesis has become a bestseller. It would be even nicer If I Could Get Some Copies to Sell!!


Up on the retailer Bulletin boards are requests for copies of Doom Patrol #4, with or without the rings.

I've yet to sell a copy.

Bend really isn't a city, though it thinks it is. A city has -- I don't know -- circulation and flow and cross fertilization of interacting communities. Bend sometimes is a lump of -- "Well, what do you know?" "Did you know that?" "What's happening?" "How about that?"

Hard to explain to newcomers how isolated we are, and weird demographics...


Quote of the week, (Bulletin, 11/6/09) from "a longtime Bend real estate appraiser"...Kevin Halligan...who is "fighting three investigations...."

He is trying to "quietly and subtly slip into another profession."

You know, like, Nevermind.

I wonder if Tami Sawyer has tried that line. "I'm trying to quietly and subtly slip into Cobo San Lucas....."


Another "Blink" reaction. The census worker with "Fed" scrawled on his chest. Probably committed suicide, which was my immediate reaction.

The Fort Hood shootings? Looked like the lone gunman. Sounds like they arrested everyone in the vicinity who looks suspicious, but it was pretty clear he was a lone nut.

Hard to stop mad lone gunmen, as long as there are loners, madmen, and guns. Which will be always. (No, I'm not anti-gun -- a women in Redmond probably saved herself a beating -- or worse.)


So a homeless guy is assaulted in Pioneer Park and his cell phone is broken and is PS2 game system is stolen?


Kind of reminds me of how hard it's been to give away my big T.V. It's not a flat screen and No One Wants It. Even the poorest of the poor don't want it.

Poverty apparently now includes cell phones, game systems, flat screened T.V.s, microwaves, and probably Nike's....


Was watching Black Coffee, a documentary, and realized I've never bought from Star Bucks. Now I never will, along with never having bought from Walmart and Target. I'm not about to break my virginity now. (Also have never bought a bottle of water, or have a cell phone, or joined Face Book.

And I think YOU people are weird....)


A reporter for the Bulletin was at the polling drop off, and he raised his eyebrows when I said I voted for the COCC bond. "I thought a curmudgeon like you would be against everything!"

Hmmm...I appear to have given the wrong impression. First of all, the jobs at COCC may be one of the few things we got going for us over the next couple of years....

Secondly, I'm a liberal, and I vote for most if not all measures. I'd even vote for the bus system, probably, if they made a decent case.

At the same time, I still don't care for boondoogles and governments and individuals living it up beyond their means.


Played Ticket to Ride at friends Aaron and Char last night, and it was a blast. It's really fun to set at a table with compatible friends and play a board game.

Found it about as easy (or hard) to play as Settlers of Catan. I was building railroads all over the board, but couldn't complete my L.A. to Miami line, which cost me 20 points.

Came home last night, feeling refreshed.


blackdog said...

"I wonder if Tami Sawyer has tried that line. "I'm trying to quietly and subtly slip into Cabo San Lucas....."

LOL! I wonder if she and her hubby still own that villa they built down there -- Casa de Torquemada or something like that.

hmmmmmm said...

They still do own and always will that amazing home in Cabo Casa don't you wish it was yours in Cabo

hmmmmmm said...

It is the most amazing place we have ever stayed at.