Monday, November 16, 2009


I've come down with the Flu -- Paranoia.

Not the actual flu, just the paranoia. I seem to have many small allergies, and each of them are magnified into the Beginning of the End.

Uh, oh, I sneezed......

From past experience with the flu, it hits quickly, usually with a few aches and pains, and then.....BAM!

I have lots of aches and pains, it seems. I think I must mostly ignore them on a daily basis, but right now I'm acutely aware of every little twinge.

If anyone sneezes in my store, I quickly hide in the back.

If they sniffle, I wash my hands after they leave.

Shake my hands? Really? Must you?

I've already decided if I actually get the bug, I'm just going to put a sign on the door saying,

"Oink! Oink!"

1 comment:

blackdog said...

"Shake my hands? Really? Must you?"

No, they must not, and you're not obliged to shake their. When someone extends a hand, simply put your palms together at chest level and bow slightly from the waist, as the Japanese do. It's polite, respectful and sanitary. Handshaking is a dumb custom that should have been discarded decades ago.