Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lap Dancing at the (Mt.) Bachelor (Academy) Party

Am I the first one to notice this?

On the front page of the Huffington Post, there is an article entitled: REALLY SPECIAL EDUCATION.

"Are lap dances an effective therapy for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or drug addiction? It doesn't seem like a question that should require a serious answer -- but a state investigation of Oregon's Mount Bachelor Academy (MBA) has substantiated allegations made by students and staff that such "therapy" was part of the school's "emotional growth" curriculum and forced an emergency shutdown of the campus."

Holy Cow. Right up there with the deer fragger, the pregnant man, and the balloon lawn chair guy.

You know, I've had my doubts about these types of schools going all the way back the "Tough Love" movement. I think Tough Love probably works at about two moments in an addict's life -- at every other moment it's a disaster. If you trust the guy to know that moment, which I absolutely don't.

And I can't help but wonder about all the home schooling going on, too. Most of it's probably just fine, but still. Public schools have to pass a whole lot of scrutiny, and maybe there's a reason for that.


blackdog said...

"Are lap dances an effective therapy for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or drug addiction?"

I don't know what it would do for drug addiction, but it sure would be likely to get the kid's attention.

tim said...

What would you expect, given the name "Mount Bachelor?"

Carl Zeiss Meditec Legends said...

My son's life was saved by the effective program and dedicated staff of MBA. Walking the students thru the past problems, and facing those problems are the key to recovery. Students are placed there as a last resort, most often. I am sure my own son would either have died of a drug overdose or be in prison for crimes committed to gain money. On a few occasions, we showed up on campus unannounced and found the students to be vibrant teens, all struggling with something. If we had it to do again, I wouldnt hesitate to put my child at Mt Bachelor Academy

Duncan McGeary said...


I'm glad it worked for you.

My own experience with Tough Love was 40 years ago, and I think it hurt rather than helped.

But I can't presume to know everything that happened there.