Sunday, May 10, 2020

All it took was a world-wide plague!

I admit, I'm getting pretty worn down and exhausted. I'm going to go in today but try to limit to a few hours.

Five days left to get it done. I'll have the west side of the store mostly completed by the end of today, which will give me four days to try to help Sabrina on the east half of the store. The layout looks pretty much the same to me, though a little off somehow. It's hard for me to see the changes--though I hope the customers will.

This is going to take a full month to finish. The actually putting in the flooring was probably only eight days, everything else have been moving fixtures, cleaning, and sorting. The cleaning is an extra step, but I'll never have this chance again.

It's hard now to imagine this ever happening under normal circumstances. Weirdly enough, this situation has worked in our favor in almost every way. All it took was a world-wide plague!

I've been able to avoid employee wages (though if Sabrina's unemployment insurance doesn't kick in soon, I may have to help there), two free months rent, and probably most importantly, the availability of both my sons (which under normal circumstances would have been impossible.) I almost don't count the money I've paid them, because I would've wanted to send them money anyway.

Of course, the actual flooring was an big expense, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.

The stimulus money will help pay for most of one month's fixed expenses and if we have the second half of May to earn some money, that should take care of the second month's fixed expenses.

All the pieces just sort of fit.

It feels good, like a good cleaning and organizing does.

The store is really something to be proud of.

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