Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pre-release sale for the Vampire Evolution Trilogy.

Here's the scoop on my Vampire Trilogy.

All three books are going to be released on May 1, costing 3.99 each.


You can buy them in advance for only .99 each. Plus, with proof of purchase, you can get a free ebook of Led to the Slaughter.

The thing about pre-release sales is that the stats are all entered on the same day, so it can have a real big impact on best-seller lists.

Plus they only cost .99 cent each in advance!

Plus you can get an ebook copy of Led to the Slaughter for free, if you can show that you bought the three .99 books Vampire Trilogy books. I think this is great because everyone who bought the first two books of the trilogy when I did them myself, can now buy all three for a price that is less than they'd have to buy the third one for.

So this can be a real launching pad, folks. To a career at writing, if we can just get some momentum on these books.

As the notice says -- you can buy them on Barnes and Noble, on Smashwords, on Apple, and on Kobo. This sale isn't on Amazon.

I'm thinking the most effective place would be to buy from Barnes and Noble. But anyplace would be good.

I was reliably informed by Jared that what I'm doing isn't promotion, it's "begging." So I'm not going to do that. This time, I'm not begging for reviews (though those would be great when the books come out) but to click the links below and order the three books so that on May 1 they might actually be high on the lists.  And only have to spend 2.97 in total.

Being high on the lists, makes you higher on the lists.

Whatever happens, this is kind of fun and exciting.

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