Sunday, March 23, 2014

2 beers and the teetotalers.

Linda and I are visiting friends and have gone out to dinner twice in two nights.  Unusual for me, to say the least.  I don't like crowds.  But I'm doing really well these days, almost normal.  I just put my back to the rest of the room and concentrate on the people I'm with.

First place we went was packed, the decibel level was so high that we were nearly having to shout to have a conversation.  Every table was drinking, so I went ahead and ordered a beer.  Then had a second.

Since my wife and my friends are teetotalers, it was interesting to me the contrast.  As in, there wasn't much.  The beer probably just loosened me up enough to be normal.  Self-medication, you know. 

But since I almost never drink anymore, I was astounded by how much I felt two beers.  I mean, I think back when I drank routinely, even four or five beers wouldn't have had that much effect on me.

It was good, it was social, and I didn't overdo it. 

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