Thursday, March 20, 2014

Don't mess with Sasquatch.

Kevin tells me not to screw up Sasquatch.

Sorry, buddy.  Probably going to happen.

Thing about these archetypes, they are made to be messed up with.  Everyone comes to an archetype with their own ideas.  In fact, I don't do any research on werewolves, or ghosts, or Bigfoots. (I don't actually use the word Bigfoot, except in the sub-title, or Sasquatch.  I use some of the Indian names for a similar archetype.)

I know what they are in my heart.  They are a monster I understand -- my monster.  I'll do what I want with it.

Oh, I'll do research on say, gold mining, finding out for instance that they used black gunpowder for explosions, incredibly dangerous.

I'll do research on firearms or the map of California or the local tribes.

But werewolves -- they are in my mind.  What frightens me about them is what counts, not what some other writer says they are.  Or what Bigfoot it.  Or vampires.

Archetypes are fair game.

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