Friday, January 4, 2013

"It's enough to put me off my appetite!"

So Kevin was in telling me that my blog was freaking him out.

"You're smiling face, man. So early in the morning..."

"Too much?"

"It's enough to put me off my appetite!'

I sort of agree.  I think I may take the picture off.


Bebs said...

I whole hartedly disagree Duncan!
as I do not know you, my internal monologue for reading your blog was instantly shaped into a comfortable friendly voice by your happy smiling face.

Your face provides your words with a warmth of character, that the words alone could not convey :)

Kevin said...

No, no, no....

I merely pinted out that the new and improved "smiling Duncan" was disconcerting to me. I have been used to the "grumpy Duncan" for so long.

Sort of like the New Star Trek with lens flares and altered timelines as opposed to the Classic trek.