Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Wats?

I'm just realizing that like fatties everywhere, I have two levels of clothing. One for when I'm a bit thinner and one for when I'm a bit fatter. (I suppose this could go to three or four layers, huh?)

I had just bought a whole new wardrobe at my "letting myself go" weight, thinking I was O.K. with it. But like I said, I can only get so heavy before it bugs me and then I go and lose the weight. I don't lose the weight in the face at all, and my body shape doesn't really change all that much, so only me and Linda can usually tell.

Anyway, the 20 pounds I'm going to lose (I'm halfway there) won't be so much that I can't wear the new clothing -- but it will mean I can wear some of my merely large t-shirts, instead of my extra-large t-shirts. It doubles the selection!


Our cat, Panga, has become much more social in her old age. She seeks us out, nowadays, often meowing loudly. (Talking is also something she is doing much more of.)

It occurred to me that I've become more convivial in my old age, too. Though I always talked a lot.

Don't get me wrong, I still prefer to go off on my own, just like my cat.


I read the third chapter of my little space adventure last night in writer's group, and it went over well.

I seem to be all over the place in writing. I was thinking yesterday about all the projects I've started and not finished. But I've decided there is actually nothing wrong with that -- as long as I follow through in the end. For now, it's practice.

Every time I write something, I learn something new. Do I like first person or third person? Is fantasy my natural format? How does a modern day story contrast with a completely fantasy story? And so on.

I'm also learning a lot about my writing process. Is it best to write out the whole story without revising first? Revise as I go along? When or if it is best to expose the material to other people? Do I write it sequentially, or out of order as it occurs to me? How much mapping out should I do first? And so on.

I have a kind of master plan in mind, if I can just keep this up. My "epic" fantasy I want to someday try to write.


I've had fun exploring Reddit. The mind of 17 year guys everywhere.

It certainly got me to notice memes long before they show up everywhere else.

But I always feel like I've wasted my time somehow. (The problem of the internet, compounded.) So...time to back off.

I gave up on Twitter a while back, and haven't regretted it. I really want to get back to paper and pencil, if you will. Even if just symbolically.


I've been diving into Stoic philosophy again, lately. For some reason, I really relate to it. I think I was given some version of this from my parents, especially my Mom who always talked about being a "Stoic" and from my Unitarian teachings. It also grooves quite nicely with the "Reality Therapy" that I found so useful when I was trying to get over my depression 30 years ago.

Having the store, and being behind the counter, is constant practice for me of Stoic teachings.
Epictetus's "A Manual for Living" is what I'm working on. A short book. Normally I'd be resistant to self-help recipes, but that isn't what I think this is -- though it's certainly dressed that way.

Anyway, I'm taking each chapter and trying to absorb it's meaning as I go along, and memorizing the catchphrase. So far, I've gotten down -- (these are really koan's that I'll never completely get down, more of a process really) -- from memory:

1. Know what you can control, and what you can't control.

2. Stick to your own business.

3. Try to see appearances for what they are.

All really valuable in the way I approach my customers. I've got a long way to go before I get them right.

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H. Bruce Miller said...

"I've been diving into Stoic philosophy again, lately. For some reason, I really relate to it."

Have you ever delved into Eastern philosophies -- Taoism, Zen?

The Stoics have always left me cold. "Clench your teeth and carry on" somehow fails to inspire me as a philosophy.