Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday fuds.

I could swear I heard a couple of bombs going off on the 4th. Not firecrackers. BOMBS!.


Reading two weeks of Bulletin just really shows how conservative their editorial pages are. It's so strange, because I disagree with almost everything the editorials, letters and columns say.

How did I find myself here?


I was down to one day of working at the store this week, and it just wasn't enough time. I'll have to go back today to finish up.

The holiday falling on Wednesday was interesting; Monday and Tuesday were slower than I expected, but yesterday was busy.

Looking ahead, we have an early Thanksgiving (the 22nd) and Christmas and New Years falling on Tuesday. Reading the tea leaves, I think that's a good day to maximize sales.

But who knows?


I put the shipment of jigsaw puzzles out for sale at Linda's store. About 60 of them. They stack very nicely, not taking up too much room. Started a puzzle on the table.

I'll be interested to see if they sell.

It was a momentary madness on my part, but I don't think it will be a disaster.


All the unavoidable mirrors in the motel rooms inspired me to go on a diet.

For some reason, this isn't that hard for me. (Well, it isn't easy, but I can do it.) I set a goal and just do it. I'm thinking about 15 pounds, and so far I'm down 5 pounds. Also, walking. I was going to do 10K steps, but decided on 7000 minimum per day as a more reachable goal.

Turns out, I do about that many steps on a busy day at the store. Yesterday, for instance, I didn't sit down once.


I haven't been able to do any writing, if you're wondering.

Even when I was writing full time, I found summer and holidays a difficult time to get anything done. The fall (memories of school?) and the depths of winter are the best time to concentrate and not be distracted by family and events.

I'm keeping my hand in -- writing a little space fantasy for my own amusement.


So -- I liked Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

I guess I'm easily amused. The major criticism the reviewers had was the lack of humor.

Hey, vampires are a serious business! At least in my book.

Have I mentioned I usually hate campiness?


Anonymous said...

"how conservative their editorial pages are"

Isn't that the point of TS Weekly, to fill the gap?

H. Bruce Miller said...

"How did I find myself here?"

You were born.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"I could swear I heard a couple of bombs going off on the 4th. Not firecrackers. BOMBS!"

Yes, it gets a bit crazier every year. My neighborhood sounded like Baghdad during Operation Shock and Awe.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Isn't that the point of TS Weekly, to fill the gap?"

TS Weekly comes out once a week, which means Bendites get seven helpings of right-wing viewpoints for every helping of lefty viewpoints. It's a pretty unbalanced diet. And then KBND carries every right-wing ranter on the airwaves.

Duncan McGeary said...

It occurred to me on our trip through the red states that it's the ocean they swim in.

Most gas stations and markets had Fox on; most motels had Fox, but not MSNBC.

More though, I think that questioning why these folks would root for conservatives is like asking someone why they root for a football team.

It's just what they do. It's expected. I don't believe they really think about it much.

It made me realize that nothing is going to change that -- no amount of reasoning, no amount of their own best interests -- they're conservative because they're conservative.

I'm a Duck because I'm a Duck.