Monday, May 14, 2012

The top of my head is sunburned.

Got the backyard garden cleaned and weeded in two days. The front yard will probably take another day, including the side. There is still a stretch on the side that I've never really gotten to, which will probably be more work than everything else combined.

Like I said, maintenance is much easier than trying to clear the space for a garden in the first place.

I went online and googled the sprinkler system we have, which didn't seem to be reaching everywhere I wanted it to. Now, I am probably getting too much coverage, but I'd rather have that than the alternative.

I planted four boxwoods last year, in front of the back porch, and my sister commented on them when she was down last fall: "Wow. You are trying boxwood? Even Mom had difficulty with those." Uh, oh, I thought. Sure enough, two of the boxwood look like they are all but dead and two seem fine.

I'm not going to transplant anything until they reached full maturity, if then. I just want to see how everything does for year without interference.

It just goes to show, in both the store and in gardening, that new enterprises take ten times the effort that just keeping the ball rolling does.

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H. Bruce Miller said...

"Sure enough, two of the boxwood look like they are all but dead and two seem fine."

In my experience with Central Oregon gardening, if half of the stuff you plant survives you're doing damn good.