Friday, October 22, 2010

The Wheels of Justice....

....grind slowly, but exceedingly fine.

The Sawyers will face their day in court.

This is the second time I've seen this kind of slow, but inexorable process. The first time was the Rajneesh and his merry pink band of co-conspirators, who seemed to get away with their shenanigans for a long time.

I'm still hoping we'll see the same thing on Wall Street eventually. Probably a forlorn hope.


First new building downtown in years? Next to the Deschutes Brewery.

Yes....but it replaces a building that was torn down, so not really a net gain. Better than a pile of rubble, though.


Has it finally happened? Has my ordering process finally caught up to my sales level? And vice versa?

It's been almost a full month, and the flow of material seems exactly right. Roughly speaking, I have set amounts to spend on games and books, twice a month. A set amount to spend with Diamond reorders, once a week. And a set amount to spend on everything else, once a month.

So far, I've had no spot shortages -- which are always the bane of my existence. Forcing me to make early orders, which then have to be big enough to meet shipping minimums -- or to face running out of some of my best-selling material.

But at least so far this new ordering systems seems to be avoiding the -- ordering too much this week, then having to lay off for a month, then ordering too little and having to order way more and so on. Whiplash.

Never say forever, but this seems to be working really well, right now.


When the Great Recession started, there was some trepidation that we would see a crime wave, but it never seemed to happen.

Is the wave of weird violence we've seen in the last couple weeks a new trend? Or just one of those things?


If all the furniture stores are going to emblazon SALE!!! 50% to 75% OFF!!! on a daily basis -- then, I'm sorry, 75% off is the regular price.

But they've muddied the waters so much, who the hell knows? Doesn't exactly make me feel secure in my spending decisions....

We're in the market for a futon, and frankly, I think I might feel safer spending my money at Sears, or someplace like that.



Anonymous said...

"This is the second time I've seen this kind of slow, but inexorable process. The first time was the Rajneesh..."

Now there's an interesting analogy -- the Sawyers and Rajneesh.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how old Ma Sheila is doing these days. Boy, those were the days.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"I wonder how old Ma Sheila is doing these days."

Probably quite well. According to the Pedia known as Wiki, she served two years in prison and after her release took off for Switzerland, where she married a Swiss citizen who subsequently died. She now manages two nursing homes. I would not want to be a "guest" in one.

Anonymous said...

In any other town but Bend, it would be reported news that police chief Sandi Baxter, who gave now-indicted Kevin Sawyer his sweetheart retirement deal in the midst of a federal criminal investigation instead of firing him for cause, is Kevin Sawyer's ex-wife and used to be involved in his property deals (matter of public record).