Saturday, October 16, 2010

Channel surfing rut.

I actually have a fairly limited menu of sites I visit everyday. Probably 20 or so. I don't go looking for other sites unless one wanders into my attention span. I tend to stay away from all the you-tube type sites, and stick to informational. I even eliminated sound from my computer because I don't want to be distracted. I don't want to watch video on my computer.

But damn. I can visit the same sites multiple times throughout the day.

You know how when there is an emergency on T.V., and you keep checking for updates, but nothing really changes and nothing new is reported?

Well, visiting the same websites every other hour is about as useless.

Same with T.V., of course. But I've -- mostly -- weaned myself off my channel surfing there. For instance, I don't turn on the T.V. through the day whatsoever. I start watching about 6:00.
I need to learn to do the same thing with the internet.

Meanwhile, the Wii is just driving me nuts, so far. It always seems to malfunction just as I'm ready to use it, and I am NOT patient with machines. If they don't work, I walk away from them. Fuck em.

I'm not being totally fair to Linda, because she's delighted with the infernal machine and wants to show me all her penguin and snow ball fights and all that fun stuff, but doesn't seem to be able to show me how to get on the same program. So I stand there for five minutes trying to figure it out, and then throw up my hands and stomp away muttering.

Rather than being impatient with her, I need to take some free time and figure it out for myself.

But damn, I hate machines. And their damn machine logic. Which isn't Duncan logic.

Anyway, the real point of this entry is to give myself a good talking to, about how much time I'm wasting.

There isn't anyone looking over my shoulders these days. No one telling me what to do and how much and when or any of that. Linda seems happy with me. She and I both give each other permission to do as little or as much as we personally want.

I still have a few parental tapes -- especially my Mom's "Get off the couch and Do Something!"
But really, there is no one who really cares except me.

I think just about ANYTHING would be better than continually surfing the internet and or couch surfing the Big Screen.

Arts and crafts. Reading. Gardening. Driving around. Walking around. Visiting. Playing games. Diving in spiritual realms. Even Napping. Anything.

I'm going to start by trying to create a bit of regime. Denying myself is always easier than making myself do something, so the first step is to create some rule about how often I check the websites.

Maybe once through in the morning; and once through at night. Something like that.

Check my blog a few more times than that, to make sure comments get posted. But nothing further.

Secondly, start dabbling again in fiction writing. Not to sell, not to show anyone else. Just for myself.

Get out of the house, is another thing I need to concentrate on. Doesn't matter what I do, just get out of the house.

I know, pretty pathetic. But...I don't have pressures on me right now, I have more free time than ever, and I'm really not making good use of it.

Starting tomorrow. One go through in the morning, and one go through at night.

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