Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Arm was in the paper today...

...handing back change. Store looks pretty packed, though I winced at the D & D books scattered about the counter. I'd just got a shipment in.

The article, "Spreading the Wealth, Bulletin, 10/2/10, by Dave Jasper" is about the "Bend coin club president spends a day distributing his treasures downtown" and there is enough in there about Pegasus Books to repeat, I think:

"He has no such problem at the next stop, Pegasus Books on nearby Minnesota Avenue, where he introduces himself to Duncan McGeary, the store's owner.

"You could buy sports cards," suggest McGeary.

"You know, I did that in the '80's and early '90's," replies Campbell. "I still got a bunch left."

"Yeah, me too," says McGeary, a sly reference to the rise and fall of sports cards' popularity. "I'm not calling them collectibles anymore, I'm calling them "keepables>"

Campbell eventually decides on buying some small action figures. "I have a grandson that loves those guys," he says.

During the transaction, McGeary says, "So you want me to give those away to young people?"

"If you would."

"All right, I'll make sure they get them instead of the grownups," McGeary promises.

"They're worth more than a nickel, for sure," Campbell says.

"Well, I'll go cash them in," McGeary says, laughing.

When Campbell gets a handful of change back, he examines the coins in his palm closely.

"See, I always check the dates," he says. "Just habit."

So -- a pretty positive interaction, all in all. He gave me some Indian Head nickels to give away.

But I got to say --- my Arm is such a publicity hound.

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