Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Splendid splinters.

I noticed that Mountain High Coin has changed the second half of their name from "and Collectibles" to "and Jewelry."

I'm betting they had a constant stream of 'collectible' sellers. It's like a Red Flag.


I know it's an obvious observation, but golf courses struggling doesn't surprise me because they were built on two booms -- Tiger Woods and Bend Is Special.

Always plan for a Tiger Woods mistress kind of thing....booms hide the downside, but there is always a downside, because there is always a cycle.

You build for the lowest, or at least the median, of your possible business outcomes -- not the peak boom outcomes.


Linda yesterday bought a Wiii system, which didn't delight me at first.

But she got me up on that platform, and I created an avatar which I think is pretty cutely me, and I set up for the Fitness Program.

I'm totally lost trying to understand their instructions, and my first "Wiii Age" is 78 years old. "Fall over much?" it asks.

The program is a little snarky, you know? I didn't expect that.

Anyway, I retook the test (actually, it was a different one) and I came out at a 38 year old age. Even there, I for some reason halfway through the test I started moving the damn handset around, instead of my body, which is a little strange, but that particular balance test I probably could've kept going and going. (Hey, I was an ace at "Asteroids", and this was just a physical version of that...)

Thing is -- I haven't played video games not because I don't like them. To the contrary, I know I'll like them TOO MUCH! And so I apparently have another Time Suck in my life.

But Linda is loving it, so be it.

This is her conversation just now(lots of enthusiasm): "I was a penguin, and I was a bubble, and I was a snowboarder, and then I did this game of balance where there are little balls which you drop in little holes and the balls have faces, your face and my face, and, Oh I did hula-hoops, too! and....."

Oh, boy.


I don't want to jinx things at the store, but this month is SOOOOOO much better than last month. Last month SOOOOOOOO sucked.

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Geoff said...

Duncan, I don't think Tiger's rise or fall has much to do with the current woes of golf courses. Tiger moved the needle for golf-watching, not for actual rounds played. Golf is a really hard sport enjoyed by a relatively small group of obsessive-compulsives, so it should be a tight-margin business even in good times. In Bend there is no social cache to joining one club or another, so the courses have been built as lures for real estate purchases. I think some are doomed.

I enjoy your blog.