Sunday, October 3, 2010

C.S.I. Las Vegas jumps the shark.

Daring of them to have a shark highlight such a weak episode. CSI: LV has been going downhill for a year or two now, and last night may have been the last straw. I watch CSI: NY right after -- a show I usually skip -- and it actually had more authentic emotion than the original. (Though I was constantly distracted by the wide-eyed botox look of the new main female character.)

So far this season, there are a couple of nights where there are three shows on the same hour, and a couple of nights where there are no shows I want to watch at all. Thank goodness for DVR.

Of the new shows, I'm wavering on The Event, and will probably skip Hawaii Five-O.

I still watch House and Mentalist, on network T.V. And I really enjoyed The Good Wife, last year.
Fringe finally got intriguing enough at the end of the season to catch me. (I'm totally annoyed by the dithering of the crazy coot, who seems to be the character everyone else likes....)

I especially like Dexter and Boardwalk Empire (and True Blood when it's in season.)

I'm getting ready to let go of Castle, because it's getting too much about romance and too little about mystery.

I'm intrigued by Rubicon, but as I keep saying, I think it not long for this world....I hope they can wrap up the mystery before the end.

I watch Jon Stewart every night. (Ariana Huffington was on the other night, and told Linda she was the daughter of Zsa Zsa Gabor. "Really?" she said. Heh.)

I'm trying to keep it around this level of watching -- which is still probably too much. Linda likes shows that I can easily skip, the Law and Order series, Bones, NCIS, etc. I just go off and read.
Probably will happen start happening with Castle, The Event, and Hawaii Five-O which she likes. I don't watch reruns, if I've seen them.

Later. I skipped Hawaii Five-O, but watched the Event. I skipped the new Law and Orders. I'm done with those.

I've also been watching Covert Affairs and Nikita. Both are decent shows, but I may scrap one or both of them. Every year I stop watching a couple of decent shows, because I feel like I'm spending too much time not reading.

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