Saturday, August 15, 2009

Store observations through the day...

You know how I always say that superhero movies do diddly squat for superhero comic sales?

Well, there was a recent, odd exception.

Out of the Wolverine movie came a demand for.....Deadpool.

Ironically, the Deadpool in the movie is nothing like the current incarnation of Deadpool, who is a crazy, goofy kind of guy, who can't stop talking.

The first issue of this Deadpool had a hilarious deadpan recitation of his history with all the changes and contradictions of a longtime superhero; he was born in New York, no he was born in Sante Fe, his father died when he was young, no his father was so and so..... It's true of all superheroes with any kind of history -- different writers and editors and so on....superpowers change, costumes constantly morph...

Is he a hero or a villain? -- Yes.

There isn't much Deadpool material available, right now, especially compared to Wolverine. For several years his title was combined with Cable, and Cable was the headliner. (If the title had been Deadpool and Cable, instead of the other way around, we might have something...) There's a couple of old 'classic' collections.

But for a character that only had a few minutes of screen time, he has really taken off....


Time to retire the Big Lebowski toys. Everyone asks, no one buys. I'm kind of tired of the noise, frankly. Suddenly, it's hip! Eventually I just wanted to pitch the old Austin Powers toys, (how many times would you like to listen to lousy mimics?) but the noise died down just in time. Family Guy is also very annoying; as well as being a theft problem. Who'd have thunk?


The Powell's candy bags have me re-thinking the possibility of Pegasus bags. They are really noticeable and they stand out, and they have obvious promotion and advertising virtues. On the other hand, just had a customer with a bag of something colorful and I asked what it was and it turned out to be a Goody's bag. Not noticeable.

It's the square shape and the big bold and colorful letters, and the handles, I suppose. I suspect they are pretty costly, too.


I got a bag of Cthulhu figures in, just for fun. I had a customer marvel over my little plastic Cthulhu on the register. "You like that? You can have it..." I give it to him.

Before I know it, we're talking Cthulhu and he buys my Arkham Horror boardgame for 60.00. All because of a cheap little tentacled 'old god' totem giveaway.

I wish I had more "Cthulhu for President" bumper stickers...

Somebody should write a Cthulhu and Hobbes story.


What the hell happened? Another four groups in, today, wanting the base game of Settlers of Catan. Was it in the news or something? I'm trying to divert them to equally good games -- Ticket to Ride, Carccassone, but they are IMPLACABLE. They want SETTLERS!

I'll have copies in again next week, after which no one will want them, sure as day.


Had a guy call me and ask where he could be an "e-book." You'd be proud of me. I simply said, "I believe either Barnes and Nobles, or Amazon."

Another guy asked me where the "big" bookstore was in town. "Barnes and Nobles?" I said. "It's out past Pilot Butte."

"Could you give me directions?"

"I could give you very detailed directions to the two independent bookstores...."

He didn't think this was funny, and started walking out the door. As he hit the sidewalk I snagged him and give him directions. It's not like I can change things....



H. Bruce Miller said...

"I wish I had more "Cthulhu for President" bumper stickers..."

"Cthulhu and Palin 2012!"

OTOH as Dino di Laurentis explained when rejecting Barbra Streisand for the female lead in the remake of "King Kong": "No good have-a two monsters inna one picture."

Bendoregonphotos said...

You should have sent the Big Bookstore guy south on Hwy 97. "It's right next to Les Schwab."