Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let Pegasus be Pegasus.

Summer seems to be whizzing by.

I took Sunday off, and it was refreshing. I wasn't able to follow it up with a day off on Monday, because Kent couldn't work for Linda who couldn't work for me. Still, even one day was nice.

I was a slug.

I'm going to take a three day holiday over the Labor Day weekend, (probably head for the coast which is always a nice change of scenery) and then close on Sundays through the winter (except the last two weeks of December.) I'll have to start measuring my sales by a daily average to get an accurate gauge.

I spent my last two orders for August, yesterday. A normal reorder from Diamond replacing sold graphic novels. And an order of games from Alliance. I've sold out of Settlers of Catan, again. Amazing. I'll be completely restocked by tomorrow.

That's all the spending I can do. I contemplated my one copy of the Watchmen several times while doing the orders. Would it last two weeks? Could I live without a copy in the store? Finally decided to stay at one copy.

Sold it half an hour later. Doh!

I can only get in trouble for about 7 more days. Any order after next Wednesday wouldn't show up until the week of the 17th anyway, so I may as well wait until then. But I also don't want to spend too much of my September budget too fast, either (and if this all seems obsessive, it's because this is the part that counts -- I needed to get through two weeks of budgeting to have any chance of having summer pan out the way I was hoping.)

I'm still in that honeymoon stage with boardgames and new books. They are doing very well, especially on days when I don't sell my other stuff. Yesterday, for instance, I sold 200.00 worth of books and only 7.50 worth of comics. (Also sold games and toys and cards, etc.) That is an impressive number, considering that while I have a choice selection of books, it isn't extensive.

Normally, my tendency would to be to buy a whole bunch more of them, as long as they are performing, even if I had to borrow money.

But new books especially, aren't going to lose momentum. I can take my time and build them up within cash flow. If I have 4000 choice novels, instead of 5000 choice novels, it doesn't seem to hurt sales all that much. But, of course, the more good books I have, the more likely a sale. It would help incrementally to have more titles.

I've made a deal with myself that if I should outperform this month in sales, I would take the overflow and devote it to a book order. Not that it's likely.

Anyway, I get to pretty much relax the rest of the month. Deal with the customers. Hopefully not have to deal with any more street closures. Just let Pegasus be Pegasus.

And look forward to a more leisurely fall.

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