Thursday, August 28, 2008

One of the Blasher Boys is gone.

Back when sports cards were hot, I convinced myself that I really, really liked watching sports. I'd always been a football fan, for some reason. But I'd watched very little basketball or baseball.

It helped that the Trailblazers had a good team. Jerome Kersey, Terry Porter, Clyde Drexler, Buck Williams, and Kevin Duckworth.

Linda always called them the 'Blasher Boys' because one of the announcers had slight lisp and that's how we always heard it.

When they started unloading that team, and replacing them with the JailBlashers, we stopped watching. (Of course, all incentive from sports cards ended as well. I guess I didn't really like watching sports as much as I thought, because I'm back to watching the occasional football game, and the World Series. If the Blazers got good, I'd probably watch. Fair Weather fan, I admit it.)

It seemed as though we really got to know the Blasher Boys, and it's sad that Kevin Duckworth has died at such a young age. But I'm glad to know that he spent his post career in Oregon, still promoting the Blashers.

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