Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just bits.

I haven't watched the Olympics. Not because I wouldn't like them, but because I might like them too much. Same reason I stay away from most soap operas and reality shows. I get sucked right in, and then feel guilty that I spent so much time on something so inconsequential.

I know, I know, you could say the same think about any fiction and or hobby.

Anyway, I also know that I would end up completely bothered to distraction by the commentary.

I did see one of the Michael Phelps races; I think if you were within a mile of a T.V. you couldn't avoid one of those.

But then that just confirmed my suspicion that these guys are mutant freaks.

I've been staying away from the T.V. mostly.


Does it seem like the Bulletin has a Creationist editorial just about every?


I don't feel like I'm particularly 'in the know' but I knew the Blue Fish was closing weeks ago. I guess I don't feel like it my job to reveal such things until they are confirmed.

A new restaurant in the Old Mill. What was notable to me is that the owners chose to open in Bend before Eugene or Salem. That's different from the old days. Nor did I realize that the Pita Pit is a franchise. Both Subway and Pita Pit are franchises, so does that mean we're being invaded by the chains? Only Starbucks is truly a corporate thing, so far. I still think downtown just doesn't lend itself to chain stores, at least not as long as the Old Mill is around to fit the bill better.


My pinched nerve returned last night. First time this particular nerve got pinched was probably 20 years ago, and I couldn't move off the couch. Slowly the symptoms have been less dire each time. Nowadays, if I quickly take an Aleve, I can forestall it all together.

The weird effect is that it makes me feel almost paralyzed in the upper body. Very unsettling. If I lay flat on the floor and extend my arms as much as I can above my head, I can reduce the pressure a bit.

But mostly, time heals. I just have to wait.


My son Todd and his wife Elsa were home for a few days. I love to see how they relax and decompress when they're in Bend. He came home from an afternoon at Deschutes Brewery already half snockered. I broke out the beer in the basement fridge, and started slipping him some bottles during dinner.

He's a funny guy normally, and snockered he's hilarious. My brother-in-law Dave was also visiting, and surprised me by having a beer. One beer.

Dave's pretty conservative, so when Todd started spouting some liberal politics, I sort of tried to get a discussion going.

What was different about all this, is that I didn't have a drink myself. I don't think I've ever in my life sat at the same table with others who were drinking and not drank myself.

It's different experience. I was able to hang back and watch the fireworks.

Actually, they had a good discussion. If it had been me, Dave and I would have clashed. So I let Todd be the stalking horse.

Because really, in the end, family peace is more important than being right about politics.

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eyepublius said...

"Does it seem like the Bulletin has a Creationist editorial just about every?"

Hell yes! And they go over and over the same ground again and again. Incredibly boring. If they don't have anything else I'd rather see a syndicated column in that space.