Friday, May 4, 2007

The proof of the old adage; there's no bad publicity as long as they spell your name right. Baltazar gets an A- Review in the Bulletin.

If nothing else, the IRON MAN suit in the movie looks really, really cool.

Free Comic Book Day, tomorrow. Don't know why I don't try to make more of the day. It just doesn't seem to do much for business. I do like using the books to give away to newbies and browsers, but again, not sure it does much good.

Was having a conversation with someone in the know, and he mentioned another downtown shop that was doing very well, but....he complained....doesn't advertise! I laughed and said, "So that's two shops you know downtown who are both doing well and don't advertise....what does that tell you?"

Have to gird my loins for all the people who will be coming in looking for Spider-man "STUFF". Not comics, mind you. They'll just curl up their lip at that suggestion. STUFF. I'm a COMIC SHOP! Over the years I've tried lots of STUFF and it doesn't sell for us. I got a case of the Spider-man toys a month ago and I've sold one.
Guess which one? Three guesses....come on, you can do it. Yep, the Venom toy.
Meanwhile, I've sold my entire LOST toys case, except for 3 Jack toys. Unfortunately, those 3 Jack toys represent my entire profit.

Oh, the store I could have if I could buy all the Yoda, Boba Fett, Venom, and Legolas toys we wanted; instead of Gollum, Jar Jar Binks, and Spider-man battle damaged.

We have a fat cat. You can visit her at the BookMark, if she happens to be taking one of her period breaks to beg for treats. Otherwise, she's curled up in the back room.

Had some guys rush in last night just before closing for a game magazine, excited about the new Magic game release. Obviously, they were set to play the game that night. Found out they were getting their cards from a friend (who I'd done some trading with a couple of days ago against my better judgement) who obviously had bought his cards online and just as obviously was breaking the 'street date.' Sometimes I wonder what purpose we brick and mortor stores serve if the damn wholesalers will sell to just anyone.

Have sold a surprising number of board games. One or two a week, not enough to keep us in business, but they actually sell. Fancy European games like Carcassone, and Settlers of Cataan, and Ticket to Ride. Strictly word of mouth, as far as I can tell.

Not one of my competitors send customers my way; I send customers to all my competitors. Not fair. Won't change that practice, but it's frustrating.

World War Hulk: Hulk was sent to a different planet because Earth's heroes were worried he was out of control. He's weakened, and enslaved and made into a gladiator, but eventually becomes Emperor. Then the shuttle he was sent in explodes, killing his wife and kids. Now Hulk is coming back to earth, with his legions, and he's pissed. HULK SMASH PUNY EARTH!


Jason said...

"I got a case of the Spider-man toys a month ago and I've sold one.
Guess which one? Three guesses....come on, you can do it. Yep, the Venom toy."

That was me. I ought to go down tomorrow and get myself a Spiderman, too, just so I can give the Venom someone to stomp on.

My shelf's getting too full.

Duncan McGeary said...

You're into Venom? Who'd have thunk it?

Jason said...

Hard to believe, I know, but it's true.

It's the reason why I'm a little bit hesitant to go see the new movie, in fact. Hollywood has this tendency to kill their villains at the ends of their comic book adaptations, even when they know darn good and well that they'll be making numerous sequels. It sort've makes you a bit nervous when one of your favorite villains finally makes his appearance. They don't tend to survive ...

I think more than half of my (admittedly meager) comics are made up of random Venom-related paperback collections. Some old, which I remember, and some new to me, which are a joy to read.