Sunday, May 27, 2007

Finally, I can't resist commenting on the Bend Area Transit article in the Bulletin today.

12% of the costs of the BAT are covered by riders.

Not including a couple of little things like fuel or maintenance. (I'm sorry, what else is there? Besides employees?)

Nor, I suspect, does it include things like the original botched investment or the support services provided by city in the normal course of business.

Good God.

Do the math. That means that each of those riders cost 7.50! Not including fuel and maintenance (and investment and service?).

I don't know, let's round it off to 10.00 per rider.

I'll say it again. I'd be willing to submit you could contract it out to a private enterprise for half that much.

5 675 riders per week. Sounds impressive until you break it down. Let's see. 11.25 hours per day. 6.5 days a week. 7 routes.

I work out about 11 riders per bus per hour. So in any 15 minute span, the bus would have, what 2 and a half riders?

Again, I can't help but believe you could probably just hire a few taxi cabs to do the same thing, and put some money in the pocket of some local businessmen.

What a boondoogle!


IHateToBurstYourBubble said...

Remember the "Bridge to Nowhere" $200MM to link Ketchikan AK to Gravino Island. They figured it would cost less to buy each Islander a new yacht. We should buy bend BAT commuters Lamborghinis'!

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, just imagine how profitable the trucking and airline industries would be if they could just eliminate to pesky little fuel and maintenance costs.

Duncan McGeary said...

Let's see. Too and from work, five days a week, would at least merit a new Hyundai every few years.

RDC said...

One comment about the comment above concerning Ketchikan. The towns airport is on the island. Also the only buildable land to expand the town is on the island. As such, while the numbers seem outrageous, when one looks at the population on the island, there are some valid reasons for it.

Jason said...

I'd be up for a new car, if anyone can convince the city council to make that happen.