Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Picture of Dorian Gray has malfunctioned for Phil Spector. Or more to the point, Phil Spector looks exactly like I would've thought The Picture of Dorion Gray would've looked after a lifetime of debauchery.

Speaking of excess, I was out gardening yesterday when it started raining. Came in and flipped on the TV and a documentary of Marlon Brando was on the TCM. Thought it would be an hour or so, but it just went on and on. I think 3 hours. I felt used; in the end, the guy was just a butthead.

Why do these beautiful, vibrant performers who have a look a pure joy in their performances when they start out -- Orson Wells, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando -- turn into fat slobs? It seems like the bigger the genius, the bigger the slob.

There was a short headline yesterday about the Pygmies having a conference in Africa. It may be condescending of me, but I loved that idea. Having read, THE FOREST PEOPLE, by Turnbull way back in college, it amazes me that the Pygmies would have a conference....

Status Report; as I said earlier, I didn't spend my full reorder budget this week, so that makes 12 weeks of being at or below budget. One more month, and we'll be in the summer season. I count my summer as being mid-June to mid-September. It used to be Memorial Day to Labor Day, but for us it's shifted two weeks later.

I have a feeling it's going to be a huge summer. Unfortunately, these feelings are unreliable.

There is a thing that occurs when I line up all my ducks in a row and I think I'm ready to cash in; something always happens to derail my plans. Please, please, please just let it be routine this year!

Even if it's an average summer, say last years levels, we should do well. We have had a couple of big days lately that I hope are precursors to what will happen; big sales, but not much reordering required. It's a strange phenomenon, but I actually have to reorder more stuff on slow months than I do on busy months, at least proportionally. Because everything in the store is 'new' to a visitor.

Linda and I going on one of my quarterly or bi-yearly shopping trips. I've been keeping a notebook of everything I need, and want to get it all in one fell swoop. I hate shopping. If I had to depend on me as a customer, I'd be in trouble.

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