Thursday, May 17, 2007

I live in Williamson Park, which is near the hospital on the east side. Well-kept homes, on nicely sized lots, with nice landscaping, good privacy. A very nice area.

I had a friend on the west side who was offered an absolute FORTUNE for a house, that in my opinion wasn't any better inherently than the houses in Williamson Park; she could have bought an equal or better sized house, newer, bigger lot, etc. and still have half of the offer left over.

She reacted in horror at the idea of living on the 'east' side.

Yet, I look at all the old, beat up houses in her neighborhood vs. the nicely kept, newer and bigger houses in my neighborhood, and shake my head.

Here's the thing. There is rarely a house for sale in my neighborhood, and when they are for sale, they don't last long. There aren't any for sale at this time, that I'm aware of, except what appears to be the last vacant lot.

In terms of actual living satisfaction in an actual living neighborhood in an actual living house, I think the residents are voting by staying.

On the West Side I see "FOR SALE" signs everywhere.

Somebody explain this to me.

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