Monday, June 24, 2019

In between projects, waiting for something to happen.

I hadn't expected to spend so much time on "Takeover," though I'm glad I did. What usually happens is I start to tinker with something, then it draws me in deeper, and then a little deeper, and then I find myself all in.

So I have to figure out what to tinker with next.

I'm thinking probably I'll do the four novellas. I decided to ask for "Eden's Return" from my publisher, and push "Takeover" as the next release instead. Since I'm bringing it back, I'm going to give it a good rewrite, and then send it to Lara when she can get to it.

But until then, I'm going to finish "The Wyvern Riders," which is 80% done. Then draw maps and background facts about the world, to make it consistent. What would be fun would be a map, and I may ask if Andy Zeigert would be willing to put one together for me.

I've decided that even though I have a publisher who will do the covers and editing, and they do a good job, I'm going to finish off each project myself. Try to have both editing and covers done under my auspices. If not both, then either editing or cover.

This is going to cost me some money, but at the same time, it feels good to have this stuff under my control. I'm not sure why.