Wednesday, June 12, 2019

I was feeling fairly depressed yesterday.

Mostly about writing, I think. And the hangover of the heart attack.

It's not clinical depression, I don't think. But enough of a warning that I don't want to go that way. So I have to remember the way I got out of that last depression--accomplishing things, even small things, doing the right things, things that make me feel good about myself. Living the right way. Taking the moral high ground.

I finished my gardening today, (never finished, of course) the store is doing well, (I'd like to winnow down the credit card debt this summer). Linda is happy, we're all right financially (laid out a major chunk of money to help a family member). I've fixed my teeth, my glasses, my heart. (Need to eat better...that's probably the hardest goal of all).  I probably need to walk every day (I have long streaks, and then I'll lay off for a while) and write every day (again, not as diligent as I used to be.)

It helped that on my walk yesterday I came up with what I think is a solid ending to Castle La Magie. I'm going to write that today and then print out a hard copy for Linda. On Friday I'm going to set about working on "Takeover" again for a couple of weeks.

After that, I'll decide which of my other unfinished projects I want to tackle. I can clear a lot of ground in the next sixth months. Enough to fuel my writing "career" for several years down the road.

I have a vague idea of setting aside three or four years to write my Epic Fantasy. We'll see.

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