Thursday, June 26, 2014

Writers make time to write. 1,000,000 words.

Bren, who is helping edit The Dead Spend No Gold made the following comment to me:

"It's amazing what I can accomplish when the house is quiet..."

Well, that's it, of course.

I've set aside my time to write.  Dedicated time and lots of it.  Not just for the physical process of writing, but creating that time and space where I can just wallow in the creative juices.

I know I'm not the kind of disciplined writer who can set X amount of free time to write.  I have to have most or all the time to write.  I'm disciplined in using that time, in the sense that I feel like I can't waste it.  I have a minimum 2000 a day word pace when I'm writing a first draft.  (Not maximum, but preferred.  That is, I don't go over 2000 words unless the words are really flowing.)

But anyway, I think a writer has to be ruthless with his time management -- or be like me and pretty much not do anything else on the days dedicated to writing.

I've loosened up a little over the last year, and I can feel it.  It has been a detriment to my writing.  But that year I spent in my dark room and did nothing else -- I don't think that will probably ever happen again.

My estimate is that I wrote well over one million words in a year and a half.

Because that's all I did.

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