Sunday, June 29, 2014

A month is a long time.

A month is a long time, if I dedicate myself.  (It goes by quickly if I don't.)

It seems to me that writing has expanded time for me.  Given me a timeline for events in my life.  It has been less than two years since I went to the coast and wrote a major portion of The Reluctant Wizard, which kicked off this whole writing spree.

Only two years.

Hell, it seems like two years is nothing at this time in my life, but I've packed a whole lot of writing into it.

Anyway, I wrote three new scenes yesterday, for The Dead Spend No Gold, adding some new characters and scenarios.  If nothing else, this has clarified some of the characters and their motivations. 

It never hurts when you flesh out the characters and understand who they are and why they do things.

I'm not sure how easy these scenes will be to add to the book, or how much rewriting will be need to be done to accommodate them, but I think they make the book a little more complex and layered.

I also intend to go through and work on the romance storylines of the main two couples.  I need to make the girls resist a little more, have a little more tension between them, disagreements and so on.

Later:  managed to meld the three new scenes.  It's a little unwieldy, but they more or less fit.  I'll just have to trim the rough edges.  I may split one of the scenes and add it to a previous chapter, which will change the structure slightly, which is dangerous.

I can do some random rewriting for a few days, until I get Lara's editorial changes back.  Then it will take some time to consolidate the two manuscripts.  Then I want to add some historical detail and description.

THEN I can do the final rewrite, and hopefully have some time for Lara to give it one more editorial copy-editing passthru.

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