Saturday, June 21, 2014

Books of the Dead Press in stock at Pegasus Books.

I bought a full line of Books of the Dead Press books for Pegasus Books.   All very cool looking.

This is cutting edge stuff.  The guys who are leading the way into the future of Horror.  I'm proud to be among them.

A Life of Death: The Complete First Novel Undead On Arrival The Romero Strain: A Zombie Novel Discoredia The Bell Witch Running Home On the Lips of Children Mountain Home Paradise Denied The Howling (The Howling Trilogy) Badass Zombie Road Trip The Dead Parade Best New Vampire Tales (Vol.1)Best New Zombie Tales (Vol.3) HuskClassic Vampire Tales Everyman Led to the Slaughter: The Donner Party Werewolves Death of an Immortal: Vampire Evolution Trilogy #1 Rule of Vampire: Vampire Evolution Trilogy #2 Blood of Gold: Vampire Evolution Trilogy #3 Kill/Off Little Deaths 10 Minutes From Home: Episodes 1-4


Kevin said...

Have you read any of these... other than your own of course? What makes them so cutting edge?

Duncan McGeary said...

Well, you know, I've read passages and descriptions.

It's more that I know all these guys are heavily involved in the "Horror" world, the magazines and the groups and the other writers.

More so than I. I'm probably the more traditional type of writer in the group.

My sense is that these are like hard rock writers. Tattooed and grunged and punked and heavy metal. Not shy about the gore and the horror.

And...well...a little poetic license....