Friday, September 17, 2010

Godzilla dustballs 4.

O.K. The modem came in yesterday, (pretty quick, since we reported it on Tuesday) and is hooked up.

The last bookcase is built.

I moved all the novels into their appropriate spots. Pretty much filled up on young adult, general fiction, and science fiction and fantasy. Still have a bit of ordering to do on mysteries, but not as much as I thought.

So I have three large bookcases that are blank slates. Which I'm going to finish off today.

All and all, it feels just great.

One customer said, "It doesn't so much look like a big change, as it does an upgrade." Which is good, I think.

I can see already that my regulars are perfectly capable of coming in and following their normal routes and barely seeing the changes. The changes, if they are going to have an effect, are going to affect people off the street who don't even realize there WAS a change.

Again, I'm not sure that it will necessarily increase sales on books. It's probably too soon to really come to any conclusions, but just from the reaction over the last few days, it seems as though more people are buying Used Books -- which is a bit unexpected, but very welcome.

Also, I just think it probably makes the store more attractive to the casual browser. Getting more compliments than usual -- but as usual, that doesn't always, or even mostly, result in more sales.

I've been bugging Linda to come by and look things over, so my first hour today I'm going to try to get displays nice and attractive for her. I hope she likes it.

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