Monday, February 12, 2007

Had a sudden realization the other day -- my 'dream store' isn't possible. Because it holds contradictory goals.

My dream store would need to be a minimum of twice the size of my current store, and would need to do at least 1/3rd more business, and I simply couldn't accomplish those goals without hiring a minimum of two more employees. (Once I need two people in the store, I have to hire enough extra manpower to cover all contingencies.)

One thing I know; I don't want to be a manager, constantly trying to find reliable help and training them and then having them leave. I did that once before, found out that I wasn't very good at it. And in order to keep enough good employees, I'd need to raise my payroll and add benefits. Even at minimum wage, I'd need to earn another 3500.00 in sales to pay for one employee. With a competitive wage and benefits, it would work out to 5000.00 in sales.

Basically, even if I earned another 1/3rd more business, it would be completely wiped out by increased costs.

I might be able to find some middle ground; add 1/3rd more space, and another half time employee; that would be an improvement, but it wouldn't be my dream store, would it?

I've been looking at larger locations; 2000 ft or more, along main roads (Hwy 20, 3rd St, Frankin, Greenwood, etc.) and wondering how much business they do. Was checking out a couple of spots at the Forum shopping center. I don't know. They just don't look busy.

I have a few years left in my lease, downtown. I have no intention of leaving early, and if given any kind of opportunity to stay, I'll probably re-up. But it is never too soon to be looking around.

My wife has the absolutely ideal spot. (Corner of 3rd and Greenwood.) We had some doubts about the traffic flow, but that has been a minor drawback. She has great visibility, parking, and lots of open space.

On the other hand, I have real, true walk-by traffic downtown. Maybe for the first time in our existence, we are in a location that actually draws customers.

Oh, well. Just daydreaming at this point.


Article in today's paper confirms that Hi Def T.V.'s are still dropping. They're talking about another 40% drop! Now I'm feeling kind of glad I waited.

I swore I wouldn't comment on movies or t.v.; there are plenty of folk doing that. But I went to see A Night at the Museum yesterday, mostly because I wanted to see why it was making so much money. (Same reason I read the DaVinci Code, which I thought was pure drek.) It was moderately amusing, but so utterly shallow and unambitious that it was disappointing. It's possible to create a good movie out of a comedic high concept; such as Groundhog Day, or the best, Tootsie. This movie just didn't even make an attempt. If they had played the "Can't we just get along?" theme as satire, that might of worked.

Plus it was sloppy. Why does the Roman speak English, but the Huns and Mayans don't? Why are some of the miniatures locked in cases, and other aren't? Hey, how about sign language with the Indian maiden? (Can't spell Sacagagwa) Is there any time that wooly mammoths wouldn't be noticed in Central Park? Sloppy, all in service to the plot, and no one is going to care.

Meanwhile, I saw one of the best episodes I've EVER seen on T.V. last night, in a revival of a shlocky Sci Fi show from the 70's. The Battlestar Galactica show is usually good, but once in a while, they really hit the mark. Last night, a lone crewman, who is already on the outs because he's married to a cylon, suspects a beloved doctor of being a murderous racist. He can't get anyone to believe him, and the more he tries, the more he is ostracized by the other crew members.

You're not sure he's right or wrong until the end. And they don't really go for the cheap theatrics of having the doctor say; "Those damn Saggitarians killed my Mother!" or something. No, he has rationalized and taken to its logical murderous conclusions the same feelings that most of the crew are feeling.

Imagine that; a show about ethics and philosophy that refuses to give easy answers.
(Edited Addition: Whitney Matheson of U.S.A. thought it was the worst episode of the year for Battlestar....interesting....)


Watched the Grammy's last night, which todays critics are calling out of touch, old school, the 'Grannies....'

But I watched it because I wasn't really familiar with most new music. Funny thing is, I like the rap music when I hear it. I like alot of the new groups, Gnarl's Barkeley was great, etc. The only music that really leaves me cold is the damn 'diva' music, with all the meaningless trills and swoons, and music I can't remember a single note of five minutes later. These diva anthems start at such a high note of melodrama, but they have nowhere to go but a flat out scream at the end of the song. Ugh.

I'm talking Beyonce, who's gorgeous, and Timberlake, who looks like he could be behind the counter at McDonald's, and even Mary J. Blige. (By far the best of the diva contingent.)

But I love the Dixie Chicks, so what do I know?

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