Monday, January 28, 2019

Nature and crowds are polar opposites.

Linda and I drove around yesterday, stopping at Smith Rocks. It was Disneyland, a vast parking lot, a few thousand people at least. I could swear that when I was kid you could visit this park and no one would be there.

There is a tent area a few hundred feet from the horde and it was quiet and isolated, and Linda and I walked along the bluff on the other side of the river from the park and it was quiet and peaceful and wonderful. Just a few hundred feet away from the teeming masses.

When people ask why I don't walk at Smith Rocks, I wonder why anyone would. Nature and crowds are polar opposites as far as I'm concerned. 


Dreamed I was getting back into selling sports cards.

Woke up and thought, "No fucking way."

When I worked at the store on Tuesday, someone brought up the dreaded subject and my anger wasn't long in manifesting. As Linda said when I told her about the dream. "It is definitely a trigger for you."


Looks like "Deadfall Ridge" is slowly fading. Hey, it lasted a couple of weeks longer than I thought it would!


As you can tell from my last entry, stories are popping up at random, which means I'm ready to start writing again.


I've really gotten into history podcasts lately, though none of them are completely satisfying for one reason or another. The one I keep going back to is Hardcore History--which do deep dives into whatever subject. Unfortunately most of them cost money, so I'll quickly run out of the free ones.

As always with lots of these things, I'm not so afraid of spending a little money as I am about the entanglements.



Andy Z said...

Not sure what podcasts you're listening to, but Kick-Ass Oregon History is pretty great:

Luci & Loree said...

YES!!! we could go to Smith rocks and walk all day and NEVER see anyone... People did not come from all over the world to climb.. it was just a special area, well, it is still special, but to about 1000 people. Tried to show an out of towner it s couple years ago and could not get anywhere near a place to put the car for any extended views...