Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tuskers II almost here.

I'm not sure, but I think Tuskers II is scheduled for publication on Tuesday, May 12.

Ragnarok Publications has become quite the juggernaut of a publisher, so I pretty much don't pester them.  I know they have a lot on the plate.

Hopefully, this book barrels right along, just like the first book did.  It goes into the POV of the Tuskers much more.  I really like the ending again.  I seem to have an ability to put a little twist at the end of each book.

So I think anyone who liked the first book will like this book too.

Meanwhile, Tuskers III is written.  It expands on the story so much that it requires at least a fourth book to finish, and maybe a fifth book.  III needs some heavy editing because it's more of a reach than the first two books.  More ambitious.

Tuskers has turned into quite the saga.

UPDATE:  Tuskers II coming out May 25

UPDATE:  Tuskers II coming out May 27.  I think this is pretty firm.

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