Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Filling in.

I think when I'm finished with Blood of the Succubus, I'm going to take a break from original material.

Unless, you know, a really good idea comes along....

I am probably 10 days away from finishing, Nobody's Killing Me, my inter dimensional odyssey story.  I think I'm probably going to try to do that.

I want to spend some time sprucing up some of what I've already written.  Try to make the existing manuscripts better, make them ready for publication.

It's more and more clear that I'm writing, and have written, so much material I will have to publish some of it myself.

My strategy so far has been to present my strongest available book to the publishers next.  Sometimes, I have two or three books that are almost the same in quality, so I make a guess.

I think, for instance, the The Last Fedora: The Gangster Golem Chronicles is a good book.

At the moment, I'm thinking Blood of the Succubus might be slightly stronger, at least for commercial possibilities.  Then again, it could be a complete embarrassment.  It has the potential to be politically incorrect, as well as perhaps over-the-top.  I'm going to see what Linda and Lara say.

I also have some commitments to fill.  Finish Tuskers in either four or five books.  Another Virginia Reed Adventure.

I'd like to get Faerylander ready, and rewrite Wolflander, and finish Ghostlander.  If I can find a publisher for these, I'd probably continue them once a year, like I'm doing with the Virginia Reed Adventures.

So it wouldn't hurt to take a little time and work on existing material.

Plenty to chose from.

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